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Data as per 30 June 2023


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A deep investment capability across the entire spectrum of risk, return, and impact objectives

Our Sustainable and Impact product offering spans across the entire range of risk-return-impact objectives, from thematic funds to bespoke multi-assets investment solutions. All our strategies integrate ESG considerations, and we take an active ownership approach to mitigate investment risks and strive to enhance both financial and sustainability performance of our portfolios. Our Global Product Framework helps you navigate our current and future offerings according to your specific goals and constraints.

Private Equity

From the technological revolution to adopting more sustainable lifestyles, and the need to decarbonize and address climate change, we are confident that long term global trends will continue to favour sustainability and impact. With a fast-expanding investment universe, our private equity sustainable and impact investing strategies invest in venture, growth, and buyout stage investments globally that prioritize positive societal and environmental outcomes, while we strive to deliver attractive financial returns. We back innovative and well-run businesses and our aim is to help these businesses grow and succeed, focusing on professionalization, internationalization, M&A, product development, and operational excellence, alongside a strong focus on sustainability best practices. Through our commitment to sustainability and impact practices, we strive to provide our clients with investments they can be proud of.

Real Estate

Sustainability, Operational Excellence and providing flexible Solutions are key to driving long-term, potentially consistent income and value from real estate investments in a constantly evolving market. Therefore sustainability is integral to our investment process - we consider impacts to people, planet and place throughout our activities, from core through to social impact driven strategies. With buildings responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions, we focus on energy efficiency and decarbonisation - read our net zero carbon pathway.

We believe an integrated approach should deliver:

  • Enhanced long term returns for our clients;
  • Contribute to our tenants’ business performance; and
  • Deliver positive impacts to communities, the environment and society for the long term.


According to the World Green Building Council (WGBC) buildings are responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions. 28% of this is from operational emissions, i.e. energy to provide heating, cooling and power, and the remaining 11% from materials and construction.


From the enabling energy transition to providing essential services, infrastructure projects are core to the growth and prosperity of economies. With Schroders Greencoat, a leading investor in the energy transition, we offer institutional scale opportunities to participate in the transformation of the global energy system, contributing to energy security, lower costs to consumers and carbon savings through the displacement of fossil fuels. Our climate solutions aim to generate tangible impact on local ecosystems and communities through active ownership. The financial returns and environmental objectives of our investments are shaped by our long-term perspective. We have a responsibility to promote responsible investment practices and are committed to improving transparency through industry leadership, stakeholder engagement and robust reporting.

Private Debt and Credit Alternatives

Impact lending, real assets, structured and corporate credit, speciality finance: our platform offers a unique set of private credit and debt expertises and opportunities to push the boundaries of sustainable and impact investing. From microfinance, sustainable infrastructure and natural capital to social real estate and catastrophe and pandemic protection, our sustainable and impact investing strategies seek to couple the unique risk-return-diversification features of each private credit practice with positive societal and environmental outcomes. We finance both sustainable and critical transitioning businesses with the explicit aim to support their journey to a lower carbon and material footprint. We seek to improve transparency through leadership, engagement and robust reporting and do our part to realise the impact potential of our markets. 

A unified approach inspired by markets best practices.

Our unified framework ensures that ESG considerations, Sustainability and Impact are gradually embedded relevant steps of our investment process, while at the same time accounting for the specificities of each asset class. It draws on markets best practices, including the Impact Principles, to which we are a signatory for our Impact-driven strategies. Our Impact framework has been verified by BlueMark, an independent provider of verification services, and we are proud to feature on BlueMark’s Practice Leaderboard

Our experts aim to deliver best-in-class sustainable and impact investing strategies to our investors

Policies and reports

We believe that transparency and ongoing communication to our clients and stakeholders is essential.