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Real Estate Investment Outlook

Schroders Capital Investment Outlook for real estate summarises our experts’ views on the risks and opportunities in real estate markets around the world.

The hospitality mindset

Real estate markets are ever evolving to meet changing occupier needs, demographic shifts, social and environmental demands. The changes provide opportunities for investors, who can align their investment strategies with long-term fundamental drivers or to benefit from short-term supply constraints that arise from time to time.

We manage every asset as its own business, focused on optimising tenant services and income, whilst minimising operational costs, the waste of scarce resources and carbon emissions.

This hospitality mindset and strong focus on operational excellence are crucial to deliver long-term income and ensure value creation across all asset classes.

Our global institutional platform unites strong local teams. We invest in and manage assets across the risk-return spectrum sharing best practice, while leveraging our internal operational and sustainability expertise.

Real estate



Reimagining urban residential with the transformation of Bijlmer Bajes Prison complex in the centre of Amsterdam into a 135,000 sqm mixed-use neighbourhood, centered around promoting circularity and creating a positive social impact.

Disclaimer: The company shown is for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell.

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Reimagining urban communities

The regeneration of a neighbourhood in Amsterdam, home to the former Bijlmerbajes prison, into a vibrant and sustainable community. 

Over the next five years, Bajeskwartier will emerge as a green oasis, featuring 1,350 new homes, 70 uniquely designed gardens, and top-notch high quality amenities for residents to live, work, exercise, learn, and unwind. 

Global reach. Local networks.

Nothing beats the advantage of local networks, deep market knowledge and asset expertise. Which is why we have built our global platform with strong entrepreneurial teams on the ground in the major real estate markets. These teams source, underwrite and select optimal investment opportunities locally. 

Proprietary relative value framework

Our proprietary relative value framework leverages the wealth of data we have in our business, accessible through our world class technology platform. This framework enables us to consistently underwrite various levels of risk and return across the regions and therefore select optimal risk-weighted strategies from the wider opportunity set.


We create investment solutions for clients by matching optimal risk weighted investment opportunities with our clients' risk profiles, and liquidity, impact and governance preferences and delivering bespoke reporting options. 

We have identified four secular trends providing opportunities for real estate investment strategies

Technology & the knowledge economy: The interface for “work” has shifted, consolidating value in those buildings which address specific needs and evolving tenant preferences, as various industry sectors continue to develop

Individualism: Individual preferences with regards to “work, live and play” have shifted, further accelerated by the pandemic, deepening disparities in demand between and within related sectors

Aging populations & demographic shifts: Rapidly changing demographics are further altering relative demand for various types and living formats

People & Places: Increased regulatory and industry standards demand a holistic approach to the creation of value for all stakeholders, including investors and communities 

Schroders Capital Global Real Estate Lens - January 2024

Our latest analysis highlights the key data and trends that matter to global real estate investors.

"Sustainability, Operational Excellence and providing flexible Solutions are key to driving long-term income and value from real estate investments in a constantly evolving market. We call it the real estate "SOS".  These principles apply equally to portfolio and asset management, both during the investment phase as well as ongoing management"

Sophie van Oosterom

Global Head of Real Estate

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We have a responsibility to exert positive influence on society and our planet through our investments. We apply the same core values and high standards to the activities we undertake as a business as we do when investing on behalf of clients.

*As of 30th December 2023. Source: Schroders Capital