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Investing in future workplaces across Asia and Europe

Active management of flexible workspaces

Meeting changing occupier demands

Working practises are evolving, and we are adapting to meet this demand.

Our dedicated subject matter experts enable us to remain at the forefront of various workplace trends, meaning we can identify mispriced opportunities and move ahead of the crowd.

Real Estate Investment Outlook

Schroders Capital Investment Outlook for real estate summarises our experts’ views on the risks and opportunities in real estate markets around the world.

Our business

We pay emphasis on major central business districts and knowledge economy hubs located in ‘winning’ metropolitan areas. The preferences of occupiers are changing fast, and so are regulatory requirements. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the sustainability profile of assets such as local Energy Performance Certificate requirements, as these can be critical for those workplaces to remain future-proofed and relevant for occupiers.

Real estate

Ruskin Square: An operational net zero carbon scheme


The remarkable transformation of a 9-acre site adjacent to East Croydon Station, into a vibrant hub of office, residential, and dining spaces, attracting government occupiers and offering access to Central London in 15 minutes by train.

Disclaimer: The company shown is for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell.

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Tailored asset management for every location

Changes in workplace trends arise from global structural shifts, o.a in demographics, technology and industry regulation and preferences  all interacting with local market influences. This can be a complex field to navigate, but we believe this therefore also provides excellent investment opportunities.

Our Hospitality mindset and focus on operational excellence, allows us to provide flexible and efficient solutions to our tenants to ensure our assets remain relevant and cost efficient, which is crucial to optimise long-term income and drive value in our investments

Schroders Capital Global Real Estate Lens - January 2024

Our latest analysis highlights the key data and trends that matter to global real estate investors.

Meet our real estate experts

Our team has a strong track record investing into future workspaces. Meet the team delivering solutions for our investors and occupiers.

Global reach. Local networks.

Nothing beats the advantage of local networks, deep market knowledge and expertise. Which is why we have built our global platform with strong entrepreneurial teams on the ground in the major real estate markets. These teams are able to source, underwrite and select optimal investment opportunities locally.