Venture Capital and Growth

Investing in global innovation and growth

An early investor in $1bn+ companies since 1997*

Through close partnerships with premier venture capital firms globally, we are early investors in 100+ game-changing companies with $1bn+ exit value.

Strong aggregate performance

We have a consistent track record of delivering top quartile performance with significant outperformance over benchmark indices.

Primary focus on tech and healthcare

Our global team identifies potential investments across eight key themes, including AI, enterprise software, fintech, consumer, and biotech.

Why it pays to spot the next big thing

We back the world’s most innovative and disruptive businesses, with early and growth-stage investments that will support their development.  Our deep network and experience yields exceptional deal flow, and we have demonstrated our ability to deliver consistent performance.   

Focusing on early stage and growth stage investments

Our team invest with premier early stage venture capital investors and growth companies. We are targeting companies that have potential for 3-5x gross MOIC and potential for 10x.​

Old partnerships are the key to finding new businesses

Our emphasis is on investing in the most attractive venture capital and growth companies globally. We have investment professionals on the ground, close to the major innovation hubs around the world. For over 25 years, our strong local networks have been sourcing the best investments.


Private equity

Top 3 developer of generative AI foundation model focused on enterprise

Cohere focuses on enterprise customers and partners with system integrators to deploy its solutions. Its models power interactive chat features, generate text and capture the meaning of text for search, content moderation and intent recognition.

Disclaimer: The company shown is for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell.

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  • Geography

    North America

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    Technology/ Artificial intelligence

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    Direct investment

Meet our Venture Capital and Growth experts

A long-serving, stable team of respected venture capital professionals, every opportunity is subject to the same consistent investment assessment. We have deep specialism and local knowledge in a wide range of geographies and sectors, with extensive experience to navigate all market environments and across business cycles.


We are impact investment pioneers with a 20+ year track record and a global reach of over 280 million people. Our goal? Combining social and environmental impact with a positive financial return. We have invested long-term in more than 100 emerging and frontier markets through a network of over 750 financial institutions. Learn about the opportunity for impact and return

*As of 30th June 2023. Source: Schroders Capital